Henry Ward Beecher

Messages Authored by Famous Spiritual Figures

Learn how Martin Luther rejected the Roman Catholic Church as he studied and increased his understanding of the Bible. John Bunyan, author of the "Pilgrim's Progress", discusses the law of compensation and urges humankind to pray to God for His Divine Love and seek His Firgiveness and Mercy.

Faith in and of itself is not sufficient to bring salvation to mankind.
Martin Luther describes his new declarations of truth and desires that his followers will pray for the Divine Love and become inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom.
Martin Luther describes how to test the spirits.
The observance of the ceremonies which my church still uses in its worship is not approved by God or Jesus.
Luther denies the efficacy of the Eucharist to save man. Jesus living and teaching and demonstrating the Divine Love in his soul, and how man can obtain it, shows the way to salvation.
Comments on Swedenborgian pamphlet entitled "Incarnate God".
Affirms that Jesus wrote.
The messages received through James Padgett will not be in error, because what he may receive will come only from the spirits and angels who know God's Truths.
Luther has met the two popes responsible for his trial, and they have not progressed very far in the spirit world.
Luther discusses how the officials of the Roman Catholic Church interpreted the Bible in such a way as to convince the people that the Church was the divine institution of God.
Luther discusses World War II and his only interest is as lover of all the children of God.
Luther is anxious to correct many false beliefs that he perpetuated while on earth.
Luther states that there are many errors written in the Bible which contradict the truths of God.
John Bunyan discusses the Law of Compensation.
John Bunyan is a follower of Jesus Christ and desires that every soul believe and understand that the great thing to be acquired is the Divine Love of the Father.
Henry Ward Beecher dicusses Immortality and has found the way to God's Divine Love.