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The messages found in these volumes are so extraordinary in concept and contents (claiming as they do to bring to mankind the highest spiritual teachings of Jesus as an epoch-making revelation from the spirit world), that many people have found that which they have been searching for such a long time - the answer to who they really are. Test the waters for yourself and begin a new life.

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     These volumes are compliations of messages received from the spirit world though an extraordinary gentlemen named James E. Padgett. It wasn't until his 50's when James Padgett learned that he had the gift of mediumship - communicating with spirits. Through the process termed automatic writing, he received messages from many spirits not the least of which was Jesus of the Scriptures. Upon first realizing that Jesus was attempting to communicate to him from the spirit world James Padgett went into denial and had a very difficult time believing that Jesus was actually using him to communicate important spiritual truths to mankind. As you read the volumes you will observe a chronological pattern to the spiritual progression of James Padgett and how he comes to accept that it is really Jesus the Christ communicating through him. Below is an excerpt from one of the first messages received by James Padgett from Jesus.



...Go to the Lord in prayer and He will remove from your soul all that tends to defile it and make it alien from Him. He is the One that will cleanse it from sin and error.
Only the teachings that I shall give you will tell the Verities of my Father. Let not your heart be troubled or cast down, for I am with you always and I will help you in every time of need. Only believe that I am Jesus of the Scriptures and that you will not be long out of the Kingdom. You are my chosen one on earth to proclaim my glad tidings of life and love. Be true to yourself and to your God and He will bless you abundantly. Keep His Commandments and you will be very happy, and you will soon receive the contentment that He gives to His true children. Go to Him in all your troubles and you will find rest and peace. You will soon be in condition to let the things of this world alone, as I need you for my service.
With all my love and blessings, and those of the Holy Spirit, I am JESUS.



     The first volume to be compiled and published was the Book of Truths in 1940. Then followed:
  • Messages from Jesus Through James E. Padgett (1941)
  • Messages from Jesus and Celestials (1956)
  • True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Vol. I (1958)
  • True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Vol. II (1965)
  • True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Vol. III (1969)
  • True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Vol. IV (1972)
  • Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth Vol. I (1989)
  • Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth Vol. II (1992)
  • New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth (1995)

    All messages that you will find in these volumes are a result of automatic writings received through James Padgett. In a nutshell, automatic writing is when a spirit takes control of the brain and hand of a mortal and communicates his/her thoughts through the mortal to pencil and paper. James Padgett often noted that he could not comprehend what he was writing because it came to fast. He had to read over what his hand had just written in order to determine what the spirit was trying to communicate. The physical nature of the writing is a stream of connected letters which can make interpretation difficult. You can see an example here.

Considering the nature of the communications and the potential difficulty in translating the messages, there have been several attempts at editing the Padgett messages thus far. Fortunately the celestials who communicated were intentionally redundant so that their messages would not be dependant upon the interpretation. This being the case, the choice of which volume to read is a matter of personal preference.

The "Foundation Church of New Birth" publishes the "True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus" volumes. These are as close to the original messages as you can get. That being the case they demonstrate more accurately the personality of the spirit. However, since there are no, or very few, grammatical corrections these volumes can be difficult to read.

The "Foundation Church of Divine Truth" publishes the "Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth" volumes. These have been edited for punctuation and grammer and are easier to read by some. Regardless of which volume you choose to read, the important underlying truths remain the same and are easily understood. The celestials have made it easy for us to comprehend. There is no reading between the lines - the truths are there in black and white.


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