How do we deal with the "free will" of others?

How do we reconcile the evil actions of another? How can we love our enemies?

In the beginning of time, God created man - the greatest of all His creations. God gave man the power to create through the use of a wonderful gift called free will. It is through the use of this gift that has shaped the evolution of the human race from the very beginning of creation.

God created the heavens and the earth and to inhabit the earth God created animals of all kinds. But the greatest of God's creation was that of the man and woman who were made in the image of God in terms of having a soul. The soul of man is the only thing of all God's creations that was made in His image, and the only part of man that was made in His image. For the soul is the man. And all his attributes and qualities, such as his intellect and spirit body and material body and appetites an passions, are merely appendages, or means of manifestations, given to that soul to be its companions while passing through its existence on earth and in the spirit world.

No part of man was created in the very Essence of God - God is not, as some believe, within us. However, God offered a plan and way to transform our souls from the image to the very Nature and Essence of Himself making us At-One with Him. Using the greatest of all the qualities bestowed upon us, that of the free will, we, or rather Adam and Eve, chose not to accept this great gift of Divine Love. This choice, referred to as the first disobedience, set the tone for the development of mankind on earth.

Rather than developing our higher spiritual natures, we, as humans, indulged in our animal natures beyond their proper functioning's. And when I say "beyond their proper functionings" I am referring to the indulgement of such acts and thoughts to such a great extent as to making them in violation of God's Law of Harmony. This deterioration was not sudden but gradual over time starting with the first disobedience.

With the coming of Jesus came a truly miraculous and marvelous event. God offered His Love once again - it was mankind's "second chance"! We have been offered a chance to become At-One with God by praying for His Divine Love and transforming our souls into His Divine Essence. This is known as the New Birth and is what Jesus' mission was on earth.

Today we are being offered this gift. Yet, many of us decline or fail to see what is being offered. We cling to what we have been taught by our ancestors and we continue to believe in and act in accordance with that which is not true. Such being the case with acts of violence and war. Those who instigate such acts may believe that they are doing good for their people and for their God by following the laws of Moses in taking and tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. They have yet to understand the true nature of God - that God is Love. God does not condone or support any such acts of violence. If fact, these acts are against His Law of Harmony and the aggressors will have to pay for such acts through the Law of Compensation - that what we sow, that shall we reap.

We are all brothers and sisters on this planet earth. The actions of one may affect the actions of another. This can be a good thing, in the case of offering love and kindness, or a bad thing in the case of war. The key point is that we are all in this together and it may be said that we develop as a group - there is a certain degree of positive loving energy and a certain degree of negative destructive energy. Some believe that there needs to be a balance between these two energies but they are mistaken. For there will come a time when all negativity and evil will be removed from the souls of men - and all that will remain is harmony and love for one another.

Until that time comes we are forced to deal with the negative actions of our fellow brothers and sisters both on this planet earth and in the spirit world. So, how are we to deal with the negativity and destructive forces that are prevalent in today's society?

First, we must clean our own homes and show by example what it means to be in harmony with God's Love and His Laws. This may be accomplished through prayer to God for His Divine Love. As God sends His Divine Love into our souls, by means of His Holy Spirit, the Love will fill our souls and remove that which is not in harmony with the Love. Over time our souls will be transformed into the Divine Essence of God and be free from all sin and error. The time to start this transformation is now. As we transform our souls we will be bringing a greater degree of love and light to our planet earth.

Second, we must ask for help from God and His celestial angels. Our human evolution, or rather devolution, has been occurring for millennia. It is not an easy thing to maintain a state of Love and harmony when there is so much hate and negativity in the world. We need to acknowledge that we can't do it alone and pray for forgiveness and help in our spiritual progression. This also includes prayer for our brothers and sisters in the love - those that are having difficulty staying in the love or who have recently passed over into the spirit world. There is a host of celestial angels ready and waiting to assist us in becoming At-One with our Heavenly Father.

Third, we must ask for protection against the thoughts and actions of evil people and spirits. When I say "evil" I am referring to those spirits who are overindulging in those thoughts and actions that bring about disharmony relative to God's Law of Love. It is known that the earth plane is the lowest sphere of all the spiritual spheres. The earth plane is home to the evil spirits when they pass from being mortals in the flesh. Therefore, as mortals living on planet earth, we are constantly surrounded by negative spirits who try to influence our thoughts and actions. By praying for protection the angels assist us by removing those negative spirits who are trying to cause us harm and gently take them back to their homes in the spirit world. It should be noted that when we get angry or drunk we become susceptible to the influences of these spirits and it becomes even more necessary to seek protection.

Fourth, we must pray for "our enemies" and those individuals who seek to cause harm and destruction to us and our brothers and sisters. Prayer is very powerful and can assist in awakening a sleeping soul that is misguided in truth. Of course, God will not violate the free will of His children. But He can and will offer help and assistance in trying to influence His children to do "good" and to understand the Truth. For He desires that all of His children seek the Love and become At-One with Him. Even the most evil of sinners will have the chance to repent and be coddled in the arms of God's Love.

Humans have been inhabiting planet earth for thousands of years. The majority of this time has been spent without the possibility of obtaining God's Divine Love. With the coming of Jesus we have been give a second chance to transform our very existence - to become Divine in Nature and At-One with our Creator living in the Celestial Kingdom forever. Now is the time to acknowledge what has truly been given - now is the time to accept God's Love and in doing so change the course mankind's evolution. One soul partaking of the Divine Love goes a long way in manifesting God's Plan of Salvation on earth.