Our Dual Nature and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Human beings are God’s greatest creation in all the universe.

God loves each of us, equally, to such an extent that our minds cannot possibly conceive of the boundless love that He has for us. And yet, we struggle with our emotions of worthiness, acceptance and love – giving and receiving. For many of us we are taught that we are not worthy and that we must earn and be deserved of being loved. Nothing could be as far from the truth when speaking in terms of our relationship to God.

Human beings are totally unique and distinct from all other creations of God. We are unique in that we were created with a soul – a thing likened into the soul of God. To provide our souls with individuality, we incarnate into the flesh and are given a physical body and a spiritual body. And thus, while living on earth, in our coats of flesh, we have a dual nature – a physical body which we must nurture and provide physical sustenance, and a spiritual body, which is a manifestation of our soul, which we must also nurture and provide spiritual sustenance.

The spiritual sustenance of our soul can take many forms. However, there are two primary paths of the soul. One, the path that the majority of souls will pursue, is termed the “natural love” path. The other is termed the “Divine Love” path – the path to At-onement with God.

The natural love provides every soul with the ability to give and receive love. Examples of the natural love are the love between a husband and a wife, the love between siblings, and the love between a mother and child. In it’s purest form, the natural love can be quite powerful and bring much happiness. Unfortunately, the natural love has been defiled and corrupted through centuries of mankind living in such a way that has not been in harmony with the Law of Love. As a result, we must work towards purifying our natural love so that we become, once again, in harmony. The way to purify this love is through good thoughts and deeds and treating others how you wish to be treated. It is through repenting those thoughts and actions that were not in harmony with the Love and asking forgiveness of the person(s) you trespassed against, forgiveness of God, and forgiveness of yourself. Slowly your thoughts will change and you will view other souls through eyes of love. This is the path of the natural love and will ultimately lead to happiness in the sixth spiritual sphere of the spirit world.

The Divine Love is something not automatically given to every soul like the natural love. When born, you have no Divine Love within you. But you do have the potential to ask for and receive Divine Love from God. This has not always been the case. After the fall of our first parents and prior to the coming of Jesus of Nazareth, mankind did not have the option to pray for and receive God’s Divine Love. God had removed this potential at the urging of our first parents who thought that they could achieve a divine state and immortality without help from God. They soon realized that this was not the case but it was too late. We who live in this time period are very fortunate to have available to us the potential to receive God’s Love and transform our souls into a Divine Substance.

By partaking of this Divine Substance, for it is an actual physical substance, God changes the very nature of our souls. We become new creatures in every sense of the word. As we take on more and more of Divine Love our spiritual nature asserts itself and we regain our soul perceptions and a balance between our physical and spiritual natures. It is as if a new window to reality opens up and we see this world and our existence in this world in a totally new light – an existence in Love and Light.

Knowledge of the soul is an inescapable truth that must be ascertained by each individual who is born on this planet earth. There will come a time when we each will be presented to the Truth of who we are and our relationship to our Creator. That time is ultimately up to you, the individual. You can wait until you pass from earth and enter the spirit world, or you can ask to know the Truth now. Asking to know and willing to accept the Truth takes:

        Courage to set your beliefs on the table and thereby acknowledging that some of them may be false beliefs;

        Persistence to keep seeking and asking to know the Truth until It has been revealed to you at a soul level;

        Faith in the fact that God will show you the Truth of your existence and who you really are;

        A strong desire to know your place and purpose in the universe – asking to know the truth must come from deep within your soul, not simply a matter of mind.

Happiness is defined differently for each and every soul that exists in God’s Great Universe. Of course there are certain common elements to happiness, such as giving and receiving love and having our basic needs provided. But beyond the common underlying threads of existential happiness that we as human being share, there is a happiness that can be achieved only on an individual soul level. And that happiness is what comes with a soulful knowledge and relationship with your Creator who Loves you more you’re your mind can possibly imagine. That soulful knowledge and relationship can only be had by sincere and earnest prayer to God for His Divine Love. Seek the Love of the Father and a happiness and peace that passeth all understanding will be yours.

-Rev. Dr. Michael Nedbal